Grow Boating is committed to providing educational webinars on a variety of subjects to help industry stakeholders grow their business. To recieve information on all future webinars, please contact: support@growboating.org.

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Findability Webinar

Can your customers find your business online? Does your competition show up in search before you do? What can you do to optimize your website and online presence?

Grow Boating presents a FREE three-part webinar series that will help you develop a findability (SEO) plan to achieve the online results that boost your bottom line. Discover strategies to:
  • Identify your marketing challenges
  • Target your ideal online customer
  • Determine which keywords they use when they are ready to buy
  • Build a site designed to convert visitors into customers
  • Implement social and blogging strategies that drive business


Past Webinar Recordings

Findability University with Heather Lutze (Part One of Three)

Join widely acclaimed speaker, trainer and digital consultant Heather Lutze in the first of three sessions addressing brand reputation. This session covers brand protection, how to learn what is being said about your business in social and search, emergency plans for your online presence and Goodle alerts. 

Landing Pages & How to Convert Discover Boating Traffic into Prospects on Your Website
by Tom Kasperski

One of the best ways for boat brands to capitalize on the traffic that Discover Boating is sending to their websites, is to create a landing page. By routing traffic to a page with a targeted message and clear call to action, boat brands will enhance its visitors experience—and it's much more effective tactic at driving conversions opposed to just sending consumers to your brands’ home page.  


How to Produce Digital Content that Truly Moves the Sales & Marketing Needle
by Marcus Sheridan 

Many companies are now producing content, but not nearly enough are seeing their efforts turn into bonafide traffic, leads and sales revenue. In this webinar, sales and marketing expert Marcus Sheridan will show you exactly what type of content your business must produce if you want to move the sales needle and stand out from the competition. From text to video to digital strategy, take away actionable advice to help grow your business.