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Be a part of the industry’s national Discover Boating campaign and integrate it into your marketing efforts with a variety of FREE promotional videos and printed materials.

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Buying Your First Boat Guide

Choosing, Financing & Owning a Boat

Order Limit: 200


Educational Flyers

Order Limit: 200 flyers each

Boating Safety Checklist

Boating Safety Checklist

Knot Tying Guide

Knot Tying Guide

Vessel Checklist

Vessel Checklist

Bumper Stickers (3"x10")

Order Limit: 200 stickers each

"Welcome Aboard"

Best Of All Times 

"I Love Boating"

I Love Boating

"Best Of All Times"

Welcome Aboard

"Welcome to the Water"

Welcome to the water 

"I Love Sailing"

I Love Sailing

"Best Two Days"

Best Two Days

Window Clings

“Stepping Aboard” (6"x9")

Stepping Aboard

   Order Limit: 10

“Casting Off” (6"x9")

Casting Off

   Order Limit: 10

“Welcome to the Water” (9"x12")

Welcome to the Water

   Order Limit: 5


“Life’s Better On A Boat”

Life’s Better On A Boat

   Order Limit: 10

“Welcome To The Water — Pontoon” (24"x18")

Welcome to the Water

   Order Limit: 4

“Welcome To The Water — PWC” (24"x18")

Welcome to the Water

   Order Limit: 4


“Welcome To The Water — Fishing” (24"x18")

Welcome to the Water

   Order Limit: 4

“Welcome To The Water — Tubing” (24"x18")

Welcome to the Water

   Order Limit: 4

“Welcome To The Water — Sailing” (24"x18")

Welcome to the Water

   Order Limit: 4

Floor Decal

"Welcome to the Water" (22"x15")

Order Limit: 1


Order Limit: 24 each

Boating Safety Tips (5.5"x11")

Boating Safety Tips Hangtag

Vessel Checklist (5.5"x11")

Vessel Checklist Hangtag



Discover Boating Videos

Stream, download or embed Discover Boating looped videos to share with your customers in your showroom, on your website, through your social network or in your next email campaign. Show your customers that life is always better on a boat! To see a full library of videos, click here

Stories of Discovery

A Good Run

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