Maximize Your Grow Boating Investment

                                              Marine Industry Marketing Summit

                                                                           September 18, 2017
                                                     IBEX Show - Tampa Convention Center
                                                                               1:00pm - 5:00pm

Join your industry peers for a half-day marketing conference that will feature new consumer research, industry insights and best practices to help you create a pipeline of customers for your business. Get the most from your Grow Boating investment by attending the first-ever Marine Industry Marketing Summit and learn practical applications to grow your customer base and sales. Members of the media who are interested in attending, please contact Kelly Kaylor to register.                                                                                              

                                                                             Featured Speakers

Peter Houseworth, Director Client Services, Info-Link           Steve Pizzolato, CEO & Founder, Avala Marketing Group 

Meredith Engelen, Sr Brand Strategists, OLSON              Armida Markarova, CEO & Founder, Marketing Strategy Hub           

                                                                      REGISTER HERE TODAY! 

Data Drives Success—Research to Power Your Marketing Efforts

Understanding the marketplace and factors that drive consumers is critical to developing a smart marketing strategy. This session explores new consumer research and offers insight on past, present and future boaters – to ultimately help inform your marketing efforts.

  The Challenge Ahead
              - Industry Insights & Statistics

  Buying & Owning Their First Boat: Why People Decide to Enter & Leave our Category
              - Insights Into First-Time Boat Shoppers Buying Process & Why They Quit, For Good    

Best Practices for Turning Web Referrals into Prospects and Boat Buyers

Your website makes it easy for consumers to research your products before committing to buy them. But how many of those consumers leave your website without leaving their contact information to become a prospect? Developing and applying best practices for inbound, content and nurture marketing is crucial to growing your business. Take away actionable ideas and recommendations for developing marketing practices to turn your web traffic into prospects and boat buyers.

           The Conversion Path: A Step-By-Step Guide to Converting Your Website Visitors Into Customers
- Defining Your Customer's Journey to Purchase
                       - Creating Value on Your Website: How to Convert a Website Visitor Into a Customer
                       - Your Must Have Checklist for a Product Page That Converts
                       - Increase the LIfetime Value of Your Customers

           The Recreation Industry Digital Scorecard: How Boating Stacks Up Against Other Products Your
           Customers are Considering
                      - How Manufacturers & Dealers Use Digital Marketing Strategies for All Boat Types
                      - Understanding the Journey of Discover Boating Web Referrals to Brand & Dealer Websites
                      - How to Track Down & Sell to the Invisible Buyer