Research & Education

Grow Boating continues to be committed to making strategic marketing decisions that are driven by sound research and statisticsIn 2016, Grow Boating released two studies this past year to help our industry stakeholders better understand not only the value of the web traffic we are sending them, but the different kinds of potential boat buyers that exist in the market today. 

Web Referral Program 
  • The 2016 Discover Boating consumer campaign generated 3.2 million visits from Discover Boating's websites to boat brand websites and we set out to help quantify the value of those visits. But before quantifying them, it's important to undertstand the difference between a traditional lead and a web referral. Please watch these two short and informative videos to better understand how Discover Boating is benefiting your business. Visit the Web Referral Program section to learn more.
First-Time Boat Buyer Study 
  • In 2016 Grow Boating conducted the most comprehensive research study done to date on First Time Boat Buyers. Our goal was to not only understand the first-time boat buyer and identify how they move from enjoying boating to becoming boat owners, but to better understand how we as industry can support them on their path to purchase. Visit the First Time Boat Buyer Research section to view the full study.