MICD Program Steps

Dealer Certification

The MICD Program is a three-step process. Outlined below are each of the program steps and the individual standards that need to be met in order to become Certified:

STEP 1: Outstanding Customer Service ($599)

The first step in the Certification process focuses on establishing a high level of customer satisfaction through communication, appearance and quality.


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Marine Industry Consumer Commitment
3. Dress Code
4. CSI Tacking & Trending
5. Employee Job Descriptions
6. Education & Training
7. CRM Process
8. Quality Assurance Process
9. Facility Check Sheet
10. Performance Planning 

STEP 2: Operational Excellence ($949)

The second step of Certification continues to enhance the customer experience by implementing processes for overall dealership functionality. Established organizational procedures ensure smooth operations and happy customers.


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Employee Handbook
3. Employee Reviews
4. Sales Process
5. Internet Process
6. Service Process
7. Parts Process
8. Performance Process
9. Education and Training
10. Performance Planning

FIVE STAR: Superior Performance ($1,349)

Five Star Certified Dealerships use cutting-edge best practices and strategies to create a world-class operation. They stand out above all other dealers by incorporating the most sophisticated systems for today's market. Dealerships that achieve Five Star status must Recertify every two years.


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Employee Satisfaction Survey
3. Facility Standards
4. Website Standards
5. F&I Process
6. Accounting Process
7. Follow-Up Process
8. Education & Training
9. Mystery Shopping
10. Performance Planning

MICD Fast Track ($2,499)

The MICD Fast Track is available for dealerships that want to go straight to the top of the industry. Dealerships can take their business to the next level with this streamlined route. Rather than reaching the highest level of Certification through a three-step process, the MICD Fast Track allows dealerships to move directly to Five Star MICD with one process and 15 standards.


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Marine Industry Consumer Commitment
3. Employee Process
4. Employee Satisfaction Survey
5. Education & Training
6. CRM Process
7. CSI Tracking & Trending
8. Sales Process
9. Website Standards
10. Facility Standards
11. Service Process
12. Parts Process
13. Accounting Process
14. Mystery Shopping 
15. Performance Planning

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