MICD Program Costs

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MICD Program Costs*

Operating the MICD Program as a three-step system significantly lowers the cost of participation for dealers compared to the program's initial cost back in 2005. Originally, the dealership's cost of program entry was an outlay of $2,895 plus a $2,124 Grow Boating stipend, bringing the total program cost to $5,019.

Today, with the new generation of the MICD Program, that initial dealership investment cost has been reduced to a $599 point of entry.

That $599 covers the cost of Step 1 in the Certification process. Step 2 requires an investment of $949. The third and top tier, Five Star MICD, costs a dealership $1,349 to achieve. This brings the total program cost to just $2,897, as opposed to the original cost of more than $5,000.

If, however, a dealership would like to follow a more streamlined route to Certification, it can decide to participate in the MICD Fast Track at a total cost of $2,499, which represents a nearly $400 savings over completing the program one tier at a time.

Members of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) receive additional discounts at each level/tier of the MICD Program (a $50 savings per each tier and $100 off the Fast Track). Discounts for multi-location dealerships also are available. 

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* Only marine dealerships with both sales and service departments may currently participate in the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program. "Satellite" locations may become Certified under specific criteria.