What Dealers Are Saying

What do Marine Industry Certified Dealerships think of the program?



Walstrom Marine, Harbor Springs, MI:

"As a Marine Industry Certified Dealership, we can take pride in the fact that we have met or exceeded the highest standards in the retail marine industry. This also makes our customers aware of the fact that they are having their boat serviced by one of the best in the industry, and they have a sense of pride in that knowledge. With this pride comes our awareness of constantly striving to improve our processes to better serve the customer, as well as communicate with our employees."
— Charlie Duray, Service Manager & Certification Coordinator


Russell Marine, Alexander City, AL:

"The process that we use to become Certified requires all of our employees to get involved. This helps solidify our team and gives each employee a sense of ownership and pride. Each employee is proud to be part of Russell Marine, and they feel like they are an integral part of our success. Of course, the obvious thing that we get is that we analyze our business and processes from top to bottom and make positive changes."
— Dave Commander


Marine Center of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN:

"Certification helps the dealership reach a higher playing field. It forces us to take a close look at ourselves each year. No other marine dealer in this market is Certified. That sets us apart from the competition."
— Mike Hoffman


Irwin Marine, Alton Bay, NH

"Certification helps us identify gaps in our operations, some known and some unknown. We were one of the original Sea Ray Master Dealers and have been Certified each year since then. We are committed to being the best marine dealer that we can be by continuing to improve. We leverage processes and procedures at all locations. We are moving beyond survival mode and improving profitability with an expanded used and brokerage boat shop. We are no longer hibernating; we're expanding operations."
— John Irwin


Boaters Exchange, Rockledge, FL:

"The Certification process keeps us in touch with where we're headed and what our goal is. It keeps us working to improve, providing a guidepost on the road to customer satisfaction.. It forces us to keep our eye on the ball."
— Tanya Wade

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