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Discover Boating & Captain Gill Declare “Six More Weeks of Boating” this Season

As the sun is poised to set on another summer, outdoor enthusiasts, especially boaters, are looking to make the most out of what’s left of the season.

While Labor Day Weekend can be perceived as the end to summer boating in many areas of the country, Discover Boating set out to remind consumers in a fun way there is still plenty of time to enjoy on-water fun. in late August, the team staged a made-for-media event in Chicago, where Captain Gill, the world’s only prognosticating fish, was summoned to use his shadow to forecast whether boating season will conclude after Labor Day Weekend or if there’s six more weeks of boating on the horizon.

The underwater oracle did not see his shadow, so it’s "o-fish-al": SIX MORE WEEKS OF BOATING!

This unique announcement is building excitement and gaining steam in news outlets in Chicago and across the nation, including TV, radio and print/online publications, where consumers are encouraged to take advantage of the extended boating season with help from

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