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First Course in MRAA & Grow Boating First-Time Boat Buyer E-Learning Series Available on

The first course in the three-part Grow Your Business with First-Time Boat Buyers e-learning series from Grow Boating and the Marine Retailers Association is available on This series provides education, tools and resources to provide a dealership experience to generate sales and loyalty among first-time boat shoppers.

In 2017, the Discover Boating marketing campaign released a comprehensive report on “Tomorrow’s Boat Owner,” sharing the insights gained from its in-depth research into first-time boat buyers. This series of e-learning courses is the first time the Discover Boating research findings have been transformed into dealer education specifically designed for the way the brain learns and made available to the entire industry.

The first course in this series – Grow Your Business With First-Time Boat Buyers – is available on here. MRAA’s Jim Million walks viewers through the process many shoppers undertake when buying their first boat.

Video chapters in this course include: 

  • Understanding the Initial Research
  • First-Time Boat Buyer's Journey
  • Prepping for Success

Click here to view the first course in the three-part training series