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Grow Boating Marketing Summit Speaker Spotlight: AVALA's Steve Pizzolato & Importance of Landing Pages

This Monday is the Grow Boating Marketing Summit at IBEX, featuring a line-up of leading marketing experts who will outline ways to leverage digital marketing channels to benefit your business.

One of the featured presenters is Steve Pizzolato, CEO of AVALA Marketing Group. Pizzolato will be covering the importance of landing pages and how they can elevate the ROI on your website. He will provide marine industry examples and expertise on how to turn Discover Boating web traffic and referrals into sales. With Discover Boating prospects higher in the purchase funnel, making a good first impression and collecting contact information is critical, and often best achieved by utilizing an intuitive landing page.

Pizzolato will also outline how to create landing pages on your website, as well as related nurture strategies to keep your pipeline full of new referrals that will convert to customers.

Don’t miss the Grow Boating Marketing Summit at IBEX on Oct. 1 in Tampa.

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