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Grow Boating Marketing Summit Speaker Spotlight: Google's Tannis McKenna & Digital Measurement in the Age of Assistance

Don’t miss this year’s Grow Boating Marketing Summit, Digital Marketing: Join the Evolution, on Oct. 1 at IBEX. On tap is a line-up of leading marketing experts who will outline ways to leverage digital marketing channels to benefit your business.

One of the featured presenters will be Google’s Tannis McKenna. McKenna is an Agency Development Manager based out of Google New York with a portfolio spanning across retail, education, healthcare and a strong focus on the retail side of the automotive space. In her work with agency partners, she helps navigate the Google landscape to help her clients grow through Google products.

Below is an overview of insights McKenna will share on digital measurement in the age of assistance during the Oct. 1 summit:

Consumers are expecting more from brands and marketers when it comes to their experiences, online and off. In the age of assistance we need to pay attention to how customers are consuming media and interacting with brands. 

With more device touchpoints, multiple ad formats, and various conversion paths on a website - we need to reconsider how to properly measure engagements with your customers. In this session, we will learn more about the path to purchase and which engagements and customer metrics you should be tracking to better understand how your media drives business outcomes. 

Join us on Oct. 1 for the Grow Boating Marketing Summit at IBEX in Tampa. 

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