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Grow Boating Marketing Summit Speaker Spotlight: Tom Martin and Embracing the Self-Educating Buyer

On tap for this year’s Grow Boating Marketing Summit, Digital Marketing: Join the Evolution, on Oct. 1 at IBEX, is a line-up of leading marketing experts who will outline ways to leverage digital marketing channels to benefit your business.

One of the featured presenters will be Tom Martin, an internationally recognized digital marketing keynote speaker, blogger, founder of Converse Digital, and author of The Invisible Sale.

Below are insights from Martin on winning the “invisible sale” and an introduction to what he will cover during the Oct. 1 summit:

Do you remember when you used to have to call a realtor or visit an open house in order to see a house you were considering buying? Today, people just visit, Trulia, Zillow or some other online real estate platform -- often from their smartphones -- and tour as many homes as they’d like. By the time they finally call a realtor, they’ve already done most of their pre-purchase research and have narrowed their choices to a few select homes.

It’s no different in the boating industry. While it may seem like the sales cycle is shortening and there is less opportunity to impact that cycle, in fact, the cycle isn’t shortening at all. It’s just becoming invisible.

Prospective buyers are hiding behind the anonymity of Google searches, freely available digital content and social media recommendations to shop the way humans have always wished to shop -- without the pressure of a sales person lurking over their shoulder or a reliance on the manufacturer or dealer to serve as the sole source of product information.

Welcome to the Age of The Self-Educating Buyer.

But, don’t despair. What, at first, seems like a huge disadvantage is actually one of the greatest sales and marketing opportunities in the history of the world. Manufacturers and dealers can embrace the science of Propinquity, the power of Social Agents and the principles of Aikido Selling to effectively prospect for, and close, potential boat purchasers.

Those who leverage this powerful trifecta will find themselves moving from painful, to painless, prospecting. And, they’ll create a shift in the seller-buyer relationship that will not only allow them to survive but thrive in the brave new world of the invisible sale.

If you want to learn how you join this elite group of sellers, join us on Oct. 1 for the Grow Boating Marketing Summit at IBEX in Tampa. Special early bird pricing ends this Thursday – don’t miss the boat!

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