Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sales Tips of the Month

Selling at Boat Shows During A Slow Economy (Part 2 of 2)

Last month we introduced three of six indisputable steps for ensuring selling success during a boat show. This month we look at the remaining three steps.

Quick Recap: Recall the first step in the December 2008 newsletter was the greeting - the most important element for growing trust and beginning the sales process. The second step was to send out a mailer/e-mail to all prospective customers. The goal of any mailer is to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Attention getting mailers can generate a 1 – 2 percent return on sales (500 mailers x 1% = 5 sales). The third step was to create a binder with all sales materials in it allowing you to take notes, access information or close a sale at anytime during the sales process. 

Call ALL Hot Leads (1 week prior to the show). Contact all hot leads and remind them of the show. When you call, prepare a script with exciting reasons as to what makes this boat show unique. Anything from pricing/financing specials to special dealership trips offered only to new boat owners at the show. You could share with the customer/prospect the unique ability to compare all manufacturers at the same time in the same place with little inconvenience on their part. It is critically important that your call generate excitement on the part of the customer so they will want to come out to the show. Remember the importance of Emotional Motive (EM).  If you tie a customer’s EM into your call your chances for success will dramatically improve a customer’s receptiveness to your invitation!

Prepare Yourself Mentally (1 week prior to the show and during the show). Listen to CDs traveling to and from work each day. Any selling audio CD can be helpful. What you hear on the CD traveling to the show could be the very response you use to close a sale during the show. (See for the ideal selling audio CD set.)

Set Activity Goals (During the show). Setting an activity goal for each day at the show will affect sales. An activity goal could range from talking with and completing a full qualification of 15 customers every 3 hours to calling every customer back at the end of each day and thanking them for coming to the show.  With an efficient greeting that grows trust and does not waste valuable time you could easily meet with as many as five customers per hour or one customer every 12 minutes. If you need to speak with 15 customers in order to make one sale and with an activity goal of meeting five customers per hour you would have your first sale in less than three hours. Activity precedes results.  

The single most important aspect of boat show success is to be prepared in every facet of this event. Boat shows are to selling what the Olympics are to an athlete. An Olympian prepares exhaustively in every aspect of their specialty. Preparing, training, rehearsing your lines, understanding of your product, other brands and the industry are more important than at any other time in the boating arena. Will you walk out onto the Olympic floor of selling winging it or will you choose to prepare in ways you have never done previously?  

This article was written by Glenn Roller, founder of The Glenn Roller Institute. He has more than 30 years of sales experience, has authored several books and has defined, for the first time, the seven levels of understanding in the sales process. Rarely, will a sales program reveal more than one level of understanding.

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