Monday, November 17, 2008

Sales Tip of the Month

Each month, Glenn Roller will explore how to make the most from the information contained within the Grow Boating Update. This month we look at maximizing Discover Boating Leads.

The most important ingredient to a new (or veteran) boater in deciding to begin ownership is their Emotional Motive (EM). This is the underlying motive that prompts anyone to an ownership position. Connecting a customer’s EM to the boat of interest will immediately raise the possibility of the sale commencing.

For example, let’s say the wife (an NMMA survey revealed ladies represent 86 percent of the buying decision) makes a casual comment about liking a bow rider. Logically this would mean a boat with an open area in the front. Emotionally it means much more. Let’s see…

Salesperson asks the customer, “Ms. Customer, help me to understand what makes an open bow design particularly important for you?”  She responds, “When I was younger my dad took me boating and I always enjoyed sitting up front with the wind blowing in my hair and hearing the sound of the water below the boat as we cruised on the water.”  Her face begins to light up with a big smile as she recalls those moments.

Now, when the presentation step arrives, inviting her to sit in the bow and imagine the wind in her hair and the water under the hull while checking out the seat comfort will go much further than just pointing at the open bow design she mentioned. 

EM, in short, is tickling the emotional desire to own. This builds desire for ownership much quicker than a logical verbal regurgitation of a design feature on a boat.  In this case, an open bow. 

This article was written by Glenn Roller, founder of The Glenn Roller Institute. He has more than 30 years of sales experience, authored several books and defined, for the first time, the seven levels of understanding in the sales process. Rarely, will a sales program reveal more than one level of understanding.