Monday, November 17, 2008

For the Second Year in a Row, Ten Percent of Discover Boating Leads Purchased a Boat

Three-Quarters of Purchasers were New to Boating


In Discover Boating’s first three years, 171,017 people have visited and requested the Get Started in Boating DVD. The number of DVD requests has grown consistently each year—34,379 in 2006, 59,775 in 2007 and 76,863 in the first nine months of 2008. Nearly 10 percent of these Discover Boating leads (16,500) purchased a boat since receiving the DVD!  In fact, three-quarters of the Discover Boating leads who purchased were first time boat buyers
Impressively, 34 percent of Discover Boating leads who purchased bought new boats, as opposed to pre-owned – this is 1.5 times more people buying new boats than what is traditionally found in the boating market where just 22 percent of boats sold each year are new.
How long did it take these leads to get into boating? Research indicates it takes up to three years (or more) for people to go from "non-interested" to purchase. Eighty five percent of the 16,500 Discover Boating leads who purchased their boat did so within two years of visiting For half of these leads, more than a year was needed to get them into boating, reinforcing the importance of nurturing customers throughout the sales process to build relationships and develop a solid pipeline of future sales.
What’s more, Discover Boating targets more than entry-level boat buyers. Third-party data shows 16 percent of the Discover Boating leads who purchased, actually purchased boats larger than 26 feet in length.  Compare this to the industry average, where six percent of new boats sold are larger than 26 feet. This means those purchasing through Discover Boating are buying yachts and larger cruisers, as well as small, entry-level boats.  As a result, Discover Boating is creating new customers for all sizes and types of boats.
To help move potential boat buyers into and through the purchase funnel, encourage your contacts and customers to visit  And, stay tuned for downloadable versions of the Get Started in Boating DVD right from