Marketing Campaign Overview

The Discover Boating campaign is a strategic, integrated plan that uses advertising, public relations, the website, and interactive marketing to promote boating and motivate consumers to become boaters.

Brand Idea

"Nothing connects family/friends like boating."

This single brand position unifies all Discover Boating efforts.  It invites discovery while positioning boating as superior to all other outdoor family activities.  The brand idea leverages boating's unique ability to let land-locked consumers shed their hectic schedules and enjoy the freedom one can experience when connecting on the water with their family and friends.

Target Market

Target Market Guy

Our target lives a hurried and stressful life. They are looking for a way to reconnect with family and friends.

Key demographics of first time boat buyers:

  • 66% male; 34% female
  • Median age of 37
  • Married with children (1+)
  • Homeowner
  • Household income at least $55,000+
  • Typically resides in rural/town and suburban areas


Research conducted for the Grow Boating Initiative determined that there are 22 million U.S. households that fit the demographic profile of the typical first-time boat buyer. Of these 66% or 14.5 million have never owned a boat.

Target Market Graph

Though the target audience is identified fairly specifically here, the media buy will reach into the homes of most people who reside in North America.