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Dealer Certification

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership (MICD) Program emerged in 2005 as a way to certify marine dealerships throughout North America and offer them opportunities for continuous improvement and growth. The program is an outgrowth of the industry's Grow Boating initiative.

Today, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) governs day-to-day management, administration, strategic direction, and marketing and communications initiatives of the MICD Program.

Marine Retailers Association of the Americas

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas believes that for the marine industry to thrive, the companies that interact with the boater in their community must thrive. Those businesses determine a boater's experience and are the leading factor in the industry's success. MRAA works to create a strong and healthy boating industry by uniting those businesses, providing them with opportunities for improvement and growth, and representing them with a powerful voice. For more information, visit

Grow Boating Certification Committee

The MICD Program is governed by the Grow Boating Certification Committee. 

Committee Members 

Mr. Larry Russo Sr. (Chairman)                                                
Russo Marine                                                                          .

Mr. Doug Gomes (Vice Chairman)                                            
Vice President                                                                        
Grady-White Boats Inc.                                                             

Mr. Maurice Bowen                                                                
Vice President, Marketing                                                         
Tracker Marine LLC
Mr. Martin Clements                                                              
Vice President, Materials & Customer Support
Regal Marine Industries, Inc.

Mr. Ben Speciale
General Manager
Yamaha Group

Mr. Chuck Thompson

South Shore Marine

Mr. Cecil Cohn
Vice President
Brunswick Finincial Services

Committee Non-Voting Members

Mr. Carl Blackwell (NMMA) 
President, Grow Boating Inc.

Mr. Matt Gruhn

President, Marine Retailers Association or the Americas

Mr. Joe Lewis (Chairman, Grow Boating Inc.)
Mount Dora Boating Center

Mr. Thom Dammrich

President, NMMA