Marine Five Star Dealer Certification

 What Marine Five Star Certified Dealers are saying!

Larson's Marine:

"For us, the true value is that it forces us towards continuous improvement. It enables us to pay attention to all the little items that make us a better dealer and gives us the tools to be held accountable."

Clark's Marine:

“Creates a path to follow. It keeps us focused with established guidelines that unify our efforts. Requires you to be real honest with yourself and gives us a snap shot of what our customers think of us and how we are doing to satisfy them."

Great Outdoors Marine:

"This is our first certification, and everything seems to be on target for helping dealerships improve their overall business operations. It is already helping us get things done that we have been thinking about doing for a long time (job descriptions, appraisals, customer follow-up etc)." 


Sun Country Marine:

"The important thing is having consistent processes and procedures so everyone in the organization knows what their duties are and - what they are expected to do. This gives us the discipline to follow our processes and make improvements when necessary. The ESS survey is also an important part of this program, and how we now operate to get employee feedback and buy in."

Dealer Certification Consumer Video

Customizable video for web or broadcast, available to certified dealers. 



Dealer Certification Video Full

Dealer Certification Video Full

The video displays testimonials and opinions regarding the Dealer Certification program and its usefulness. Get an insight into the program and see why you also need to be part of it.

Duration: 6:40

Dealer Certification Video Short

Dealer Certification Video Short

Short version of the previous video.

Duration: 3:11

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Marine Five Star Dealer Certification Program Update

Current Project Statistics

The Marine Five Star Dealer Certification program wrapped up another year with strong industry support and participation.

As of December 31, 2012:

  • Total Dealerships Enrolled in the Marine Five Star Dealer Certification program: 718
  • Marine Five Star Certified Dealerships: 325
    • All Marine Five Star Certified Dealers are listed on the DiscoverBoating website which was visited by more than 6,400,000 individual consumers. 
    • Over 64 Million impressions have been generated by the Certified Dealerships consumer promotion campaign.
    • Over 40,000 consumers have viewed the Certified Dealer listings on DiscoverBoating and more than 14,000 accessed a Certified Dealers web page directly from the links provided on
    • Marine Five Star Certified Dealers also gain direct access to leads generated by the DiscoverBoating website. More than 17,000 hot leads were generated.



Marine Five Star Dealer Certification Addresses Consumer Satisfaction

Dealer Certification

Customer Service

Dealer Certification actively addresses one of the main issues that has limited growth in our industry: customer service.

The dealership certification process features a set of standards for dealers to attain and provides tools that enable participants to enhance the retail experience and provide every customer with a positive retail experience, every time.


Marine Five Star Certified Dealerships' CSI Scores Improve
at Faster Rate:

The cumulative NMMA CSI scores of Certified Dealerships was higher than that of non-certified dealerships. 




Basic Marine Five Star Dealer Certification Elements

Certification Requirement Footprint