Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program

What is the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program?

Dealer Certification

The goal of the Marine Industry Certified Dealership (MICD) Program is to provide dealers with the tools to deliver an outstanding consumer experience and improve retail performance in the marine industry. This goal is accomplished through completion of a set of industry standards organized into three steps (Step 1, Step 2 and Five Star MICD), which a dealership must meet in order to gain Marine Industry Certified Dealership status.

The MICD Program offers consumers a consistent, recognizable standard of customer service regardless of the brand, type of boat, size of dealership or location. It provides dealerships with the strategies they need to continuously improve their businesses by focusing on customer service, employee satisfaction, facility, business practices and customer follow-up.

Certified Dealerships received increased sales opportunities through listings on, internet ad campaigns, recognition at National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) boat shows, and direct access to Discover Boating leads. Certified Dealerships also gain access to the MICD Portal, which houses a plethora of marketing tools and tangible benefits available exclusively to Certified Dealerships.


What are the benefits of MICD Program participation? 

• Increased customer satisfaction
• Increased dealership profits
• Improved internal processes and procedures
• Improved employee satisfaction and retention
• Independent audit of dealership facilities and practices
• Elevated CSI scores
• Access to an industry Best Practices Navigator
• Access to Discover Boating leads
• Leg-up on the competition


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